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Dogs feel like people.
หมวด: Life

Dogs feel like people.

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Skyline Sky

 Do you believe that the feeling from the dog 

Or the various animals on this human world are no different from humans He has the same knowledge as us. But sometimes he may not act like a person 

He may show facial expressions, eyes in tone that people may not understand. But he also has feelings of sadness, loneliness, hunger, and resentment, just like us. 

We try to observe easily from the animals around us. 

This is how they are, starting with the animal named "dog" or that dog itself. 

That he will love the owner Of him more than himself When the boss looks at him, he will be sad and quiet. But when the boss plays with him He will be very cheerful, just like people who are with the people we love, we will be extremely cheerful as well. 

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