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Everything happens for a reason
หมวด: Life

Everything happens for a reason

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 Personally, we all may hear the above statement when we already passed any terrible situation. Sometimes, for those who is facing the situation, they may be wondering the statement is considered an excuse in lieu of a reason. I am of the opinion, however, that the statement is the reason as a result of his/her true experience. It well guarantees that ‘everything’, whether pleasant or not, always happens for a foreseeable and/or unforeseeable – albeit reasonable – consequence.As for me, I am now a stroke survivor. Of course, the stroke couldn’t kill me! But,I am indebted to the STROKE for enabling me to realize a meaning of life even if my health is not the same as I was (before having the stroke).Thank you the STROKE for letting me know what the true (friend)ship is.Thank you the STROKE for your reconfirmation that money can no way purchase good health.Thank you the STROKE for introducing me how to live my life properly.Thank you the STROKE for raising my awareness that I am always conscious. Don’t let anything make myself careless (Don’t be reckless).Thank you the STROKE for ensuring me that our brains are magical organs.Thank you the Stroke for encouraging me not to give up easily.Thank you the STROKE for giving me the truth that “there is always a silver lining after the rain (Strom)”.Thank you the STROKE for well proving that “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”.Thank you the STROKE for providing me with a valuable lesson that our life must begin with OUR ATTITUDE (We are what we think or want to be). Please be optimistic.Thank you the STROKE for introducing me to the new world where many strangers are willing to be my good friends.Finally, thank you the STROKE that I found you (my last jigsaw).NB. Everyone has a bad dream. Please move on fast, whereas don’t let your scare eradicate your life (after the storm). Please focus on your now – not your past! Your good future must be based on your now – not your past. Just chin up and smile, THAT IS! 

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