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Mountain or sea.
หมวด: Life

Mountain or sea.

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Skyline Sky

Many times, people around choose to go to the "sea" to relax on the weekend. I also like to go to the sea. Like to run with waves Like to walk on the sand Like to sit still Let the waves continue to hit you Tired, then ran back to find something to eat, finished eating and then continue playing There is no word tired in our dictionary. But do not know when the excitement after hearing the word go to the sea, it gradually decreases.

It's not like we don't like the sea, but suddenly I feel myself Don't like the toughness of the sea breeze I don't like the wind blowing. That waited for me to blown by the wind Suddenly, I don't like it. 

We used to think that maybe because when we grow up, we have short-sightedness, we wear contact lenses. We don't like the wind. Because it makes my eyes dry and irritated, so I may not like the windy place ...... The size of an ordinary mail We still have to keep our heads down to raise their hands and close their eyes. I think so. 

We like different people. I like the mountains. You may like the sea. So if we go to the beach with you And are you coming to try our mountain trip?



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