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Rain and lonely
หมวด: Life

Rain and lonely

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Skyline Sky

While traveling in the morning rain  All of a sudden the thought came up that  

The rain is like a test of patience, knowing how much a person can endure 

loneliness.  The thing that is assumed by you is  Or because the sky is dim 

Grayish gray Therefore bringing the mood to be dim  Or because the rain 

looks like tears Therefore making him feel sad Lonely, easy to come in  Or 

because the weather started to get cold like a lonely winter, so wanting a 

temporary warm feeling that gives you peace of mind  Or because of 

everything mentioned above Therefore bring the feeling of lonely, dull colors 

Instructed to start working  It may be when we need someone. Or something That was 

there to support him when he was down in his heart.

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