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Life after STROKE
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Life after STROKE

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Life after STROKE

Since Stroke couldn’t kill me in any way, it seems like I had a second chance of living or, alternatively known as ‘Reincarnation’ where my spirit has existed in my old body.  As a consequence, I needed to realize (myself) that I am of the value to societies. At least, my communication skill was still existing. Of course, my ability to communicate in both languages: Thai and English even if the areas of which my brain was affected [brainstem] are diagnosed (by a professional personnel with regard to STROKE) that I would stay on a wheelchair until the rest of my life. Notwithstanding, I now has successfully proved his/her expectation totally wrong because I can regain almost all walking capacity or pattern similar to what I could do before having STROKE. Surprisingly, I can now walk without any kind of assistance (e.g., a cane - whether single or tripod -, a crutch, a walker, an/or a wheelchair) Yes, I can walk to anywhere I want even though my walking gait has yet to be identical to normal people. However, I am wondering that THE Lord tries to test how well I could utilize our organs that I have never lost in term of the limitation of a (almost) disabled one could do. At the same time, I am supposed to remind myself that ‘I would do my best, which didn’t mean I would maximize my organs. On the contrary, I must always listen to what my body(s) is going to say. If it says ‘enough’ or tired of doing anything, I thus need to take a nap or rest. In other words, I won’t ruin my brain any longer. Like a machine, we don’t try to overuse/damage the machine. Otherwise, we will lost the machine forever. Again, “we shall not follow in our (mistaken) footsteps” in order to prevent ourselves from the reoccurrence of the stroke! 

Finally, please bear in mind that “impossible is nothing” and “all pills you are required to take are aimed to stop the new stroke from rehappening – not healing your affected area of your brain”

There are only two solutions for healing stroke are 1) high repetitive rehabilitation and 2) determination/inspiration/encouragement.

N.B. Kindly remember there have been no permanent magical medicine/treatment for STROKE [so far]- only except for the self-rehabilitation and self-encouragement!                 

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