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Little cat
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Little cat

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The weird behavior of cats that we often see. Sometimes humans like us don't understand that What is the gesture that the cat wants to convey? In fact, these behaviors are "Showing love" of the cat itself.

1. Put your head and head at it !! Sometimes while we are sitting and doing something, all of a sudden, the cat has a head to hurl at us. The face of the cat will have smell glands. And will release pheromones to show friendliness Often show love and familiarity between cats If any home has many cats, they have probably seen it on a regular basis. That cats like to rub their heads together, right? That is to show the love of the cat. So when the cat sat on our lap and then hit the head with our arms and legs. Or tackles our forehead That is to show love to us as well. Be proud, slave. Because this is how I want to say that "I love you, meow!" 

2. Show your tip over. Not an easy matter So for the cat That he would sleep on his belly Stretching open legs for anyone to see. Because it must feel safe And really trust the area where it is He dares to do this. 

3.Line stretching Whenever a cat feels relaxed, he will stretch out, but whenever he feels uncertain. Not confident in the surroundings He would sit and wrap the four feet underneath him. The tail is attached close to the body, so if the cat comes to lie to stretch the legs to stretch us. Shows that the cat is feeling safe and comfortable Especially if lying on your back, showing that you are comfortable And feel very safe (But only some people) If the cat is lying away from us And we are in the mood to want to play too, so we can't go to play model belly blindly Because the belly of the cat is considered to be a very fragile part If going to catch a model that she doesn't know, this may get scratched. Warning. 

4. Island jumping When the owner sits down If anyone's playful cat is a mischievous cat or a young cat Which no matter where you sit in the corner of the house The cat will follow you back and forth continuously. As though it were a shadow on him Which is similar to when you were a child You want the father to lift your back too, right? 

5. Cat bite It was not intended to hurt the owner. Just wanting to snuggle your stomach, pat your chin and forget when it is necessary to gently bite your hands, shin or elbows. Some owners will not like And mistakenly believe that a fierce cat is actually a show of love among the herds Because these are rarely begging to die !! But don't be shocked Because they tend to tease like this, even though sometimes they will play with you a little too hard But anyway, the cat just wants to play with him.

6. Lick Us If any home that has many cats in the house It will always be a familiar image for us. At the time that we saw the cat lick each other We can know right away, right? That is to show love for each other And besides, licking one's body is a way of showing love It also creates the same odor for them. It also helps to reduce stress for each other as well. As for anyone who gets the cat to lick her head, please do not just scold Or hit it Because that is how the cat is showing love to us. 

7. Say love through the tail On the matter of tails Considered as a symbol to tell the mood of the cat that has it all. Because their tail characteristics are different Depends on the mood at that time. If the cats find your face and they raise their tail straight The tip of the tail is slightly swinging. Show that they are showing love to you. 

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