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City of chaos.
หมวด: Life

City of chaos.

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Sometimes I feel that Bangkok is a poor city ... Bangkok often plays the villain or is accused often. That is a city of competition City of selfishness A city that teaches people to have a hard heart A city without natural beauty.

Or is a city that many people want to walk away 

May really seem like that 

But will not be looking at Bangkok Too pessimistic or Since the capital of Thailand has many corners that we tend to overlook. 

Even I myself often put this gray city as a comparison with other provinces. Or always natural Sometimes I write to the negative side of Bangkok. Just to show off the beauty of nature The simple way of life of rural people Or accuse the city of forging bad parts in me Even in this writing I also present images of Bangkok. With a dark gray color.

This is the most popular time for people to walk out of the big cities to live in the countryside in the midst of peaceful nature. Or may be called a "chillism" lifestyle, a life that does not require competition, does not rush, does not consume a lot, does not materialism, free from power, money or struggle (Really? I do not know) as opposed to the "popular style" of many people who are still in the capital. People traveling out of Bangkok That is therefore all enviable As if he was a liberator from a whirlwind of struggle.



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