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capital cities
หมวด: Life

capital cities

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Skyline Sky

When sitting in a car through a bridge or through a building on BTS We often see this advertising term. And is it really perfect? 

Get up early, take a shower, wash your face, brush your teeth. Some people go to school, some people go to work, some people may just go home ... 

The chaos and frustration that must be encountered in the morning of every day is traffic jam .. Whether leaving the house early or the cable car is always stuck. 

Some people have to go on a regular bus, crowding a lot of people because of the rush hour. 

Some people are a bit comfortable. Private cars sit in cool air conditioning, listening to music to enjoy. 

But when looking at the clock, it was late 

Some people twist the motorcycle and drive into the narrow spaces between cars with the habit of going in time. 

A truly good life.



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