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I like to look at the sky at night
หมวด: Life

I like to look at the sky at night

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Skyline Sky

      I heard from somewhere that nighttime would be a time when the dark side of people and things moved and revealed ... such as Werewolves that will show themselves only at the full moon. Vampires or Dracula hang out to play at sunset. 

      I'm not both a werewolf and Dracula. But I have to admit ... I also have a dark side that is not revealed during the day either. That must be the reason that makes me love the night seriously 

      Day time ... Bright sky Start the day The nocturnal bird's voice is a sign of life. Every life must begin to struggle to earn a living as well. Anyone with any duties can do it as needed. Live life in your own way Which is sometimes done only to feed the stomach and fulfill the role of society only Can not be happy with what is serious 

      I am also one of them. To have to wear a mask during the day and perform the duties that are there day by day  Well, having a night to rest When I took off the role mask Then immerse yourself in the revelation of tranquility in the dark sky  

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