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Love with trees.
หมวด: Life

Love with trees.

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Many people used to have some love, some disappointment, some disappointment, and many people are expecting that to be like that. Must be like this Some plan everything. Some are different. Some people collect everything. Some people consider ownership of each other. 

But in a real situation No one can draw any theory. That love must do that, must do like this Only experience will be a lesson. But ultimately depends on two people anyway How to understand each other Depends on a certain level of attitude Or that everyone likes to say Must be equal.

But one person said, "People can have good feelings for each other. Can take care of each other But no one owns life Everyone has their own freedom. " 

And he also said ... "Love is like a tree. If we take care to fertilize too much water That tree died And at the same time, if we do not pay attention, do not apply fertilizer or watering the plant, it will die as well. "

That word made him pull up instantly. Then made me think about the reality when planting trees. Another ... "Each tree does not need the best fertilizer. But need the most suitable fertilizer " 

Love care Is the same, caring for trees The love of many people There are different definitions. And the tree also.

But why do we have to have many kinds of trees on this planet? It makes everything look monotonous and every tree Has its own charm Beautiful love tree May need more water than other plants Water is like taking care of our love. Always add water. Pay attention to it very much. We can extract the most beautiful things from the tree from that love. It is like the words that everyone says.

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