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Solve doubts about cats.
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Solve doubts about cats.

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When talking about this type of cat, no one would know for sure. Persian cats are native to the Persian region. Regarded as a cat that has been around for almost a hundred years Plus is the first species that has been brought into Thailand Due to having a gentle personality Sociable, cheerful, mischievous, and sociable So it's no wonder why most people like this type of cat. 

As we have said many times, "cats" are creatures that have a tendency to have There are many strange behaviors, sometimes with a variety of emotions, which can make humans unable to catch up. But in reality, these are all the charms that fascinate humans. And easily fall in love with cats 

And beyond this We believe that there are still many reasons why we fell in love with them so much that they couldn't raise their heads. But the reason is that there will be something

Answer the question. Why does a cat have such a character? Since raising a cat Have you ever wondered why cats have a habit of being unpredictable? Whether you like mauling, moving things Like to sleep on your shoes, like to steal things, or even like a lot when you play computer! Is there an insider behind anything hidden in these behaviors? We have answers to solve all the doubts to get to know each other.

Why do cats like to jump over when we sleep? Believe that this is a story that every cat sitter has ever encountered Lying in bed The cat then jumped and woke up. Also do not want to go anywhere Close your eyes and dazzlingly on us If the cat at home is doing this, know that he is telling you what he wants. Whether it's cat food, water or even attention

Do you know ... Why do cats like to lie down in the box? Saw a cute cat look cute like this, but actually the cat is naturally a hunter So don't be surprised if you see him hiding in the box. Because the cat will use the box as a hidden place to ambush the target without being seen Therefore, we can create an environment that makes them feel relaxed by placing a few boxes in different areas of the house, or try putting a toy into the box. This method will help the cat to relieve stress as well.

Do you know ... Why do cats like to sit on computers and television? Another question raised by cats. Why do cats like to sleep on television? That is because these devices are usually warm and comfortable. The animation on the screen also stimulates the interest of all cats as well. But the most important reason is The cat is trying to draw attention from the screen and pay attention to them instead. Knowing this and playing with him for a bit.

Do you know ... Why do cats like to jump up higher? This behavior is due to the survival instincts of the cats as well. Because in the habit of cats, they will think that the higher the safer, because if something dangerous happens, he will be alert enough in time.

Do you know ... Why do cats like to nudge us so often? Actually, each cat needs different interests. Depends on his own personality Some cats that pinch our legs Because he just needs to be rubbed softly That's enough But some need more than that Whether it's asking to play with Or even just a little snack

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