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"Life style ... city people"
หมวด: Life

"Life style ... city people"

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Skyline Sky

 In Bangkok today Aside from being a beautiful city and full of people There are still various technological developments, modern communication systems But if observed carefully, it can be seen that these things have grown along with the creativity of the people in the society Which day by day, the creators of various criminals have developed their abilities as well Nowadays, new inventions have been invented continuously, such as video cameras with special features that can see the texture in the fabric. Or even video cameras that are tiny (but clear) when using, hide the camera in a cleaning container Placed in the bathroom to match the desired position In order to secretly capture pictures of a woman on a personal mission (Oh! Look and really enjoy) these things we may not know in advance that It will happen where, when and who is responsible for various dangers. There are many forms. To the extent that we never expected it to be possible, such as walking on a sidewalk; suddenly there was a car coming into the car to injure or even to death, which had already happened 

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